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Raising Money for Therapy and NKH Research

Isla Rose Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales number 1189123.

Isla Rose

Isla Rose's Story

After a wonderful pregnancy, Isla was born on the 30th of September 2018. When Isla was 5 days old, mummy noticed a twitch which took them to the hospital. The doctors did lots of testing which included an MRI, EEG, MRS, lumbar punctures, and IV's. Seven weeks later we got the diagnosis of non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH).

We were devastated.

Isla Rose Story

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So the amazingly kind Sandra Carney and Adam Yaffe invited me to Yaffe photography studio to have a mummy and daughter shoot! A gorgeous studio in Isla's hometown! It was the most lovely experience they are both such lovely people and knew exactly how to get the best shots of my gorgeous girl !! ❤️🙏🌟

When they invited me back to show me the photograph they asked if I would like to do a professional video about Isla, the Isla rose foundation and to help me spread awareness for our cause! Obviously I jumped at the chance !!

They both really have gone extra mile to help my gorgeous Isla to spread awareness and gifted us the most stunning picture I will keep forever! I truly couldn’t love it anymore or thank you guys enough 🙏🌈🌟

Love, Isla Fundraising

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Raising funds to further the research that could potentially save her life and other children like her. With her condition being so rare it means there is no government funding so they really do need every penny they can get.

The community has been so supportive of hosting ongoing fundraisers. To connect and get involved to help Isla, please join us in the efforts to find the cure.

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